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Hello from the Midwest
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:31:27 PM »
Hello all. I finally registered officially today after lurking around the forum for information for a while. I grew up with an 81 FL250 Odyssey. The thing sat parked in my parents shed for 15 years until my dad retired and decided to restore it for his grandchildren as a retirement project. Now they are enjoying it as much as I did.

My dad acquired 2 parts buggies which he robbed the better plastics and a few components off of for his project. They have since been sitting in the woods. I decided to drag the better of the two (an '82 FL250) out of the woods to restore one of them as a father/son project. We spent 3 hours last night stripping it completely down, inventory parts, and killed 3 nests of ants inside of it. I'm surprised how decent of shape the engine is. I pulled the head this morning and the cylinder wall is not scored at all and everything moves smoothly. I heard the owner who gave these to my father parked it 15 years ago as a running unit.

I plan on a full restoration and have already been listing parts that I plan on buying new. I now need to research any tricks on removing a stuck brake drum, the clutch drive assembly hub, etc. My dad purchased the Honda flywheel puller so that will be easy to pull off. I have my work cut out for me but I look forward to the end result. I'll post some pictures of my progress.