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Re: New Owner: ~1980 FL250!
« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2014, 08:10:58 AM »
Yesterday was the first real ride.  It ran just -OK- and like you said, idle was too low once the machine got hot.  It was hard to re-start because of this; so I turned the idle up just a bit.  I've got a tiny tach so I'll put that on and get the idle dialed in perfect.

I kinda expected this as well - I had way too much oil mixed with the gas.  It was fouling and misfiring pretty bad out there; and my friend on a TW200 couldn't follow me because it was laying down a pretty thick crop dust of two-stroke smoke.  It must have been at LEAST 15:1 mix and maybe even more.  I could not remember if I had 20:1 in the tank; but then I ALSO added about a cup of oil to the tank after which - so it may have been at like 10:1.  I did this because I could not remember if I had started with 20:1 or 40:1, but knew I wanted more oil than 40:1 for break-in.  Anywho - the engine had trouble reving past 1/2 throttle and the plug was caked with black soot when I returned.  I've since drained the tank in which the fuel came out almost black when it should have been blue!  Now it's got a proper 32:1 mix.

Engine compression is now reading 140psi.

Tward the end the clutch/belt also seemed to be slipping slightly on an uphill.  I'm not sure if it was the belt, engine, or perhaps a bunch of mud and crud got in there.  Or it could have been normal? Also I noticed my E-Brake was sticking slightly engaged so I'll need to service/lube the pivot points and adjust.

The fastest the kart would go was about 25 miles per hour.

I'll wait until I get the motor mounts and new exhaust pipe gaskets before it's second ride.
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