Author Topic: 89 pilot for sale BC canada NW tons of parts  (Read 4390 times)


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89 pilot for sale BC canada NW tons of parts
« on: September 05, 2013, 07:55:01 AM »
I have an 89 honda pilot fl400 for sale in penticton bc canada.has fresh engine with ported atvr jug (standard bore) with oem honda piston.ATVR skid plates,firewall,super seat,pipe,quiet silencer,relocated rad,39mm carb,powerbloc clutch,etc etc.

two complete sets of sand tires(front and rear)
approx  10 champion beadlocks with dirt track tires (soft)
2 stators
1 stock exhaust and numerous aftermarket silencers
parts carbs (stock)
tons of small parts like OEM fasteners,brake parts,
lots of small NOS bits and pieces
several comet clutches and tuning parts springs etc
too many parts too list from 10yrs of owning 6 or 7 different pilots

delivery to wa state vancouver or alberta possible.


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