Author Topic: FL250 fenders and steering wheel cover  (Read 1530 times)


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FL250 fenders and steering wheel cover
« on: July 24, 2011, 06:39:53 PM »
A couple of my FL250's are without fenders. I know Maiers makes them, but I'm just not up for spending $400+ per buggy right now. I was wondering if anyone out there had used any other types of fenders and how it worked out? I have been watching for quite some time for used fenders, and most of what I see are used and overpriced in my opinion (and some are just junk!). So I am looking for alternatives.

I also was curious what people were doing about steering wheel covers? As far as I know, they have been discontinued. Mine are cracked, and I would like to replace them with new. Most of the used ones I have seen on ebay are in just as bad of shape as mine.