Author Topic: Piston Troubles  (Read 3395 times)


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Piston Troubles
« on: January 08, 2011, 10:31:53 AM »
I have an FL350. Had very low compression so pulled the jug apart to find the piston and rings badly worn on one side. This is my first time doing any motor work. When I was younger I detonated the piston, but my dad took care of everything. I believe it was bored out. Do I need to bore it again or can it be bored again? How do I go about ordering the right piston size. The first time we ordered from Randy at OdysseySalvage but on the paper work it doesn't mention piston size. How about rings? Anything that may help me along this process feel free to mention. Thanks. Threw some pics below.



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Piston Troubles
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 08:22:13 PM »
there were most likely numbers on the top of the piston... Clean it up and see if you can make them out... If not you will need several types of measureing tools...