Author Topic: PRO-ATV PANTHER & BRIGGSBUILT FOR SALE  (Read 2481 times)


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« on: December 09, 2012, 09:22:47 PM »
Here's your chance to own two awesome buggies. DirtRider magazine said this Panther was the best Honda Odyssey ever made. Ron Griffin was the original owner/builder/champion racer of the Honda dealerships in California. He was responsible for creating several different models of off-road buggies that were know to be incredible racing machines.   If you know about the Honda Odysseys or Pilots, you would know that these were made to run the Baja and stadium races. They are raced in what is called Stadium Lite Class. These buggies draw so much attention wherever I go.

The PRO-ATV Panther dune buggy has a 2 cycle - Mossberg 250 motor, water-cooled head, 5-point harness, cylinder head temp gauge, dual mirrors - one is cracked and Magnum Offroad shocks. Ron Griffin sent me the magazine where this buggy was written up as being the "Best Odyssedy ever made" and it ran in the World Championship races.   

The Briggsbuilt dune buggy was built by the other top builder/championship driver,Bob Briggs, who built several models of these buggies as and it has a 2 cycle -350 motor, water-cooled head, 5 point-harness, beadlocks and Works shocks.  This thing will flat out go!    I was told that this was also his personal car.

Both buggies are pull start, but could be converted to electric start. I also have whip flags for both buggies.  The controls are a hand throttle and brake.  There is no reverse, but you don't need to go backwards.

So, if you want the best buggies that were built tough enough to run the Baja, this is a rare chance to own two from the top builders in the US. It would make a great father and son package as it has for me and my son.

 I also have two new rear tires for the Briggsbuilt. 

The trailer is a 7x16 dual axle with folding ramp, truck box, electric brakes and rigged to carry the buggies. I won't sell the trailer until the buggies are sold.

If you don't buy both and need it delivered, I can do that for a small fee of $1.00 per mile.

Pro-ATV Panther $5,800

Briggsbuilt - $5,800

Trailer - $1,800

Whole package - two buggies and trailer - $12,800  -------Price just reduced


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Iís this still for sale