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Pilot FL400R / selling 2 1990 FL400 pilots
« on: June 23, 2014, 11:35:15 AM »
Selling 2 FL 400 Pilots for my dad.  Both are 1990's and in great shape with low hours since lots of work being done.

One pilot has dominator paddle tires with Douglas rims and dune tracker front tires.   We have the stock nobbies. Aftermarket team tech seat and harness. New top end and battery.  This pilot is fast and reliable with normal wear and tear, plastics are all there and in good shape. It does have a cracked right mirror.

Second pilot has aftermarket "mud light" nobbies front and rear with aluminum rims. Custom aluminum roof and top skid plate, relocated radiator for better cooling, with second air intake and filter, racing pipe, new 3A seat and harness. New battery and top end- with approx. 10 hours on it.  From bumper and skid plate are at my dads house along with the rear plastics.

Pops bought these after a bulging disc in his back kept him from his other dune toys.  They were too temping and needs to sell them to give his back a chance to heal properly. Nothing wrong with the Pilots.

$5000 for one or $9000 for both
Also selling snowmobile trailer used (very successfully) for hauling $800

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