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Title: Toyman is once again piloting a Pilot
Post by: Toyman on December 09, 2012, 09:36:04 AM
The Toyman had to sell off his pair of Pilots & pair of 350s and the Drak. quite a few years back to settle up with ol Uncle Sam (managed to hang onto a fleet of 250s). Many of my local friends have gone the RZR & VW sandcar route so I followed but really missed the thrill of a small single seat car. The Pilot IMO has always been the best bang for the buck so I finally got another one. It was not maintained well so now I'm trying to catch up and correct issues before there is a failure like I just had with a counter balancer seisure. I feel like I need to relearn everything I once knew about these cars since I've been away so long. I now have a fresh (ported) engine with the larger PWK carb & PB clutch. Everything else is stock. Just put new rear brake pads on, flushed out and changed the trans. oil yesterday. Today I'm flushing out brake fluids, lubing cables & inspecting front brake shoes. Now I'm ready for some advice as to what I should be looking at next? Also what exhaust pipe would be recommended for trail riding & sand duning that is not to loud ? It's good to be "Back in the saddle again" !
Title: Re: Toyman is once again piloting a Pilot
Post by: hoodlum on December 10, 2012, 07:50:12 PM
Welcome back!!! I don't have your pilots anymore...Buy some,sell some,make a little,spend a little...You know how it goes....I have lost touch with 1 of them,but know exactly where the other one is,and visit it from time to time....From talking to you the day I picked them up,I didn't figure you would be out of the saddle for ever.....