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Title: LS 4-24 and 4-26-08
Post by: Adnoh on April 27, 2008, 09:57:22 AM
Went down for the day. Once again had a blast. Speaking of blast Edie?s 500 sent a sand shower all over me for 45 min. Not to steal Drakmans thunder but "or what" oh ya. The sand sandwich had a new velocity to it. As usually Fl 670 was in cruse control. His driving style is like a family on a Sunday drive through the park the way his elbow just sets there as he cruises around. I was jealous so I got to lead and made a few sharp turns and finally he had to use both hands. I will see that a win. That drake is so smooth. Final thought for now on Drakman. He will need more gas cans again. Got to do damage control at work today and then head back Saturday. Ponca city new pilot is very very very nice almost to nice to ride. He has talent. Ted if you read this before you go. All I can say is open up the checkbook time to go shopping. I saved the best for last. After a flawless day I ended it by supplying the camp with a one they could laugh at all night. Went to load up pilot in back of truck. Drove into taillight spit out ramps wheel standed it and almost put it on its lid. Luckily no damage but was funny as heck. I ask if any one got pics and they said no to busy laughing. Drakman was nice enough to mention a winch would prevent that from happing you know he is usually right. If I got winch what would they have to laugh at all night until I get back. I seam to pull a probie every time I go down. Oh well. Its got to be some one, might as well be me. Sand conditions for day one wet in morning storm blew threw.

Wife, friend and I went down Saturday for more fun. Weather was great and lots of pilot?s odysseys. Ponca city pilots shinny like always and his new 500 long travel WOW. Museum quality. Oldmanody 250 ran well and scooted right across the rough stuff. The skill Billy (turbos word) over flow for rad. It's a nice touch. Wonder if it was a pepsi or coke bottle which ever it worked. It's pretty cool the way every one had diff stuff and it all worked. I could spend a week just documenting all the tips. Some times that?s just as fun as ridding. It pays to know some of the lingo and learn new ones. I still feel a lingo dic. may need to be created. Got to test out stixs odyssey. It runs and handles well Toyman did a nice job and the stixs mods only improved it. He has been doing this a short time and is a very quick study. I sure didn't remember my odyssey running and handling that well. I did find the limitation of the new rear tires. I'll let stixs explain that one. Sorry!

Drakman and Tedpilots tigers as always ran flawlessly. I do believe they should have been named Cheetahs instead. They sprint and chase you down in a very quick time. Scpled 500 and taz are fast and as usual it turned into He said He said on how is quickest. Man I like a good rivalry, the only why to know for sure is to take them to the track but that would end the smack and there no fun in that. My jaw still hurts from laughter. Fl670 broke out his 670; I finally got to see it run. From it's first fire my head turned and wondered what the heck. As it came up on idol I new there was some HP in that one. The clutch set up he uses is excellent and the best I have ever seen. He went from a relaxed driver in the drake to a mad man on a mission in the 670 and looked just as relaxed. Yes, he used both hands and I wish he wouldn't have. Fl670 can drive. I burned a full tank in 45 min. Can we say full throttle for 45min, OH YA Turn and burn. A video of that run would have made good viewing. I would bet the shocks and motor got a good work out on that one.

Sorry for no pics. I?m usually to busy doing fueling and talking and the rest of the time it's pedal to the metal. I am sure others have pics. Stixs got new camera and was clicking away. Once again I pulled a probie this time about rolled pilot of back of trailer. Man I just can't get it right. One would think after 28 years of this I would know how to load a bike. Thank you Drakman and Ted Pilot for sharing your campsite with us and as always the hospitality of every one was great.