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Title: Air cooled Snowmobile engine for my 250 project
Post by: jonzer12 on October 13, 2005, 07:13:58 PM
Hello All, this is my first post on the forums.

I recently picked up a beatup and butchered fl250.  Currently I am rebuilding the cage, frame and suspension to like new condition.  It currently has a very old bombardier snowmachine engine in it that is in non-running condition.  I am seeking a new engine and am looking for opinions/options.  

A stock engine is not really suitable as they are hard to come by up here and since I am building the cage from scratch I can mount pretty much whatever I want in there.  I live in Canada and snowmobile engines are pretty common up here, however for simplicity I am thinking about using an aircooled unit.  I know that the original unit was aircooled but I am looking for advice on the use of a modern aircooled snowmachine engine during the summer time.  It probably averages around 24 celcius here in the summer.  

Also I haven't ridden an odyssey since I was a teenager and its been about 15 years.  I am currently looking at a 20hp snowmobile engine and I realized I am not sure of the output of the stock 250cc unit?  I cannot find this information anywhere.  Could someone give me a reasonable estimate of this figure?  I am planning on using the odyssey for hunting and mild recreation nothing too fancy, is a 4-500cc engine overkill?  


Title: Air cooled Snowmobile engine for my 250 project
Post by: PilotHawK on October 13, 2005, 08:45:02 PM
First off welcome to the board. Stock odyssey ouput is supposed to be around  17-19 HP. An aircooled sled motor would be fine, but water cooled would be better. Good luck on your project!
Title: perfect motor
Post by: Odyssey-340TWN on October 14, 2005, 01:21:14 PM
i myself have a fl250 with a 340 twin air cooled snowmobile motor in it, well i shouldnt say have it in i just took it out cause i blew a piston but it works awesome in the buggy, I love in Nova Scotia and i have driven it in 30 degrees of heat just as hard as in teh winter and never had a problem with cooling, as long as you dont have any body panels around teh motor restricting the air flow it works really well. since i blew the motor i dont know if i will put that motor back on i think i might find another 340 or maybe a 440 snowmobile motor or use a 250 fourstroke fourwheeler motor i have sitting in the garage. but i had a lot of stuff done to that 340 (dual expansion chamners off a stock yamaha banshee customized to work with teh motor, 34mm mikuni carb bored with 350 main, 440 primary clutch, coils off a 500, intakke polished to flow better) and it would sometime slipp the clutch at the primary on dry pavement because it pulled so hard through the powerband. i deffinitly dont think it was too much power, it took a little while to get use to having that much pull without much suspension but overall id ont see why you couldnt do it, i would reccoment a 340 snowmobile motor just because they are a nice size to work with, you can always upgrade parts to get more power if you want and most of all they are readily avaible, maybe a 440

i deffinitly think you should do it, and welcome to the site :)