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Title: Site Features
Post by: ludedude on June 25, 2005, 05:33:30 AM
Site Email: The site is set up such that within your profile, you can set wether to make your email visible or not. Now this is a little deceiving, and I may change the wording. What it really means and does is this. If you choose to show your email address, the site shows the email icon in your profile, and with every post you make. When a user clicks on the email icon, it allows them to email you via the site. The user doesnot see your email address, nor do they gain access to it in any way. You receive the email, and it is sent to you with the email address from the sender, the one they registered with. So you gain their address, and hitting reply sends a reply directly to them via your email software, independant of the site.

I encourage everyone to make use of this feature. Ensure you have an accurate  email address in your profile. Tuen the feature on, so users can see your email icon. This feature prevents spammers from gaining your email address, users are always able to contact you without you having to post your address. It's always right there in your profile and with every post you make. Instead of posting your email address in a post, just add a reminder that in order to contact you, users can either click the email icon or the PM (private message icon)

I HATE SPAM!!!! Just one way to cut down on it :)
Title: Site Features
Post by: ludedude on April 15, 2006, 07:37:44 AM