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Title: An open letter to TurboTexas and other bright siders
Post by: odypilots on February 07, 2010, 06:46:15 PM
Turbo, I agree with you. Jeff made a poke at you with the "steering lock up?" post. But please
don't take the moral high ground. You are very active with a sharp stick. You claim Jeff is
reading the other Pilot site. You know if he is that he must see many pokes at him.

I notice you are fond of saying "What have you contributed to the community",
to different people through the years. I can't even get on the other Pilot site. Many years ago,
my log in info stopped working from my computer. I didn't miss it too much, but I would try to log
in with decreasing frequency until I gave up.

On a weekend trip, I was able to log on to the other Pilot site from a computer in Tennessee.
Before the weekend was over, that ability stopped working. It appears to me that the first
inability to access that site was an IP block on my home computer's address. Once I accessed
it from a different computer, my account was disabled.

I still go to the other Pilot site every now and then and enter my log in info to see if my account
has been reactivated. That sometime leads me to the visitors area, which is not hidden from
public view, which means you have to be able to log in to even read most of that site, say nothing
about reply.

So, in reading the visitor's section, I see repeated "pokes" at many you view as of the dark side,
as well as name calling, on your part. So it really comes off bad to me when you act outraged
at the pokes at you and at comments toward you to "sit down and shut up". No, Jeff shouldn't
have said that, but you're living in a glass house, here, TT.

You're like some others at the other Pilot site, you only see in black and white. If it's not white,
 it must be black. I don't see things that way, which is why I haven't asked the owner of
the other Pilot site to let me back on there. Eventually, I would end up ruffling some feathers,
and upset the people on that board, and me.

Do I miss that other Pilot board? Hell yes, I agree with a lot of the topics on there, and miss
people that post there. But the owner of the other Pilot board was famous for calling things
the way he saw them, and I should have that right, too, without the risk of banning. So I stay
away. Maybe others should practice that.

I'm done with this here, sorry minibuggyers, to be a part of this, and I'll post this at the
Quickie site and monitor there, if any one wants to respond to my post.

Title: Re: An open letter to TurboTexas and other bright siders
Post by: odypilots on April 16, 2010, 11:41:40 AM
I see there's been some reaction to the fact that I edited my post. I honestly don't remember what I changed, and wish I had saved the original, but with the light of a new day decided to change some of it. That's my right and I've never been opposed to an author changing his own post, which to me is quite different than some one else changing or deleting it.