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Title: Speed sensor setup for 350's
Post by: ludedude on February 01, 2004, 03:50:04 AM
MassOdy, I think you said you saw the pictures of what I'm doing for the speed sensor for the drum brakes on the Pilot....does the FL350 have the wheel cylinder in the same place? Can you use the same setup?

The sensor is kind of exposed, and I don't like how long it is, makes it more vunerable. I can see that getting snapped off with out a whole lot of trying, maybe not. I'd like to see it shorter and maybe a piece of pipe cut in half, length wise, to act as a shield.... :?

Is that just a normal prox switch? Can we REPLACE it with another off the shelf that would be shorter? I'll email Digatron about that.

Your steering wheel is not the same as on the Pilot either, so I need to come up with a mounting bracket (gauge) for the 350 as well. Can you snap me some shots of your wheel....any ideas on mounting the gauge? Yours is mounted in your dash right?

And cable lengths. We'll have to get together on that. Depending on where we say default mounting will be, need to come up with standard lengths for a FL350 kit. I'm happy with what I have now for the Pilot, everything's fairly neat, and have slack left over at the front end so I don't shock LOAD the connectors again :oops:
Title: Speed sensor setup for 350's
Post by: MassOdy on February 01, 2004, 08:14:22 AM
The cable lengths your sold me are just fine. If anything the speed sensor cable is a bit
too long by a foot.

Yes I mounted mine to the dash which is mounted on the cross tube where the headlights go.
My main problem mounting it is making sure The steering wheel doesn't block its view. Even on the dash I block the lower LCD. But I can shift to see it.

The second issue I want to be able to take it out easily to bring it inside. But with the studs for mounting it being permanent and male threads; I couldn't flush mount it and make a quick slide mount.

One big problem with my installation is I can't reach the side buttons on the Dig. I have to let go the steering wheel and reach forward. But, as it is I don't change those much anyways. Tach and EGT.

If we were to make a mount that braced off the cross memeber it would need to stick up
and possibly be too exposed. I was looking at using an articulating arm like you find on older cell phone car install kits. Its two ball joints with an link arm.

I have a few pics I can look for.

The brake sensor appears to be a typical proximity sensor. If they would expose to us a few details we could try alternatives. I'm hoping that if I double pipe clamp the sensor to the front arm that I will be able to have it close enough. I see you put your magnets inside. Where as I was looking at the outer edge. Mind you they are more exposed on the outer edge. But, I could get better proximity with them there. Perhaps the bicycle sensors would work too. Plastic and not hardened but a lot smaller.

I'm also looking at trying to find or make front gaurds like you can get for an ATV.

I'll look for the steering pics and some of the front if I have them. Otherwise I'll
make some FROM video. We still haven't replaced the digital camera: wacked with a few large bills.
Title: Speed sensor setup for 350's
Post by: ludedude on February 01, 2004, 09:28:08 AM
The picture you sent wouldn't open for me...can you upload to the photo gallery or here?