Author Topic: 440 engine swap clutch setup help  (Read 6273 times)


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440 engine swap clutch setup help
« on: July 21, 2019, 12:17:58 PM »
So just picked up a 350 that has a 440 arctic cat fan motor 87 completely installed .when i bought it it didnt have a belt the guy said it broke i paid 500 for it its in good shape it started title in hand done deal .i was happy. After buying a belt for a 87 440 running a 108 comet i noticed second clutch is stock wont fit the i have to use secondary clutch from the sled .or is it possible to shim the 108 to 1 3/16  to fit and if it does fit will there be significant power loss . And how do i fit sled clutch on it its a better choice..please help me . ???


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Re: 440 engine swap clutch setup help
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2019, 02:56:23 PM »
You would have to remove shims in the 108 if any exist, not add them. You can run a 1 1/4 belt with the stock driven, but it also needs to be longer. Briggs cars back in the day had custom machined sheaves for the driven clutch. The outer one wrapped around the end cap widening it to accept a 1 3/8" belt. I do not know of any off the shelf clutch that will accept the 1 3/8" belt and fit the 7/8" shaft. The bigger problem is the larger diameter. If you find out the taper and offset of the engine, you might be able to get a 102C that fits.