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I have been a long-time Pilot owner, I have posted on Mike's Pilot website, had conversations with Hoser etc. and followed all of the forums throughout the years. So I thought I would share with you an experience I had today.

I went to my local Kawasaki dealer to pick up some parts to tune up my motorcycle. As I walked into the dealership I stepped back into time and it was 1989. Before me was a pair of absolutely mint 1989 pilots...……. I looked around to see if I was the only one having a mental breakdown...….but no one else seemed to notice. After reassuring myself that I was indeed in the present I spent the next hour inspecting the machines. I kept telling myself this is what it must have been like to walk into the showroom and pick out a brand-new Pilot. I asked the salesman for a brochure but he just gave me a weird look. I eventually made it back to the parts counter and got what I came for. On my way out I checked just to make sure I didn't imagine everything...…. Yep, they are real! What a great day!

If you want to see what Pilots looked like on the showroom floor of the dealership take a look at the link below. come on

I think any Pilot enthusiast would have enjoyed this experience. If you were lucky enough to have actually purchased one off the showroom floor- I am jealous.


Update.....I figured out how to add a picture.....sweet deal for someone in the market for a Pilot
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