Author Topic: What year model is this yard sale find odyssey? Ideas for motor swap?  (Read 15 times)


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I had a 85 fl350R when I was a kid and I recently came across this gem at a yard sale for $300! No paperwork tho I want to fix it up get the correct parts and engine and get a title but someone did a motor swap to a 4 stroke 300 and I canít find the vin on the frame Iím trying to figure out what year it is but canít find a match. It does not have rear suspension but has a full cage so leads me to believe itís a 81-84 fl250 but doesnít seem right. Check out the pics any help with vin location or approx year is appreciated. Thanks Feel free to email me too also anyone know if there is a kit to convert to rear suspension? Last thing besides an fl motor any cool 2 stroke motor swap ideas? Iím excited bringing me back to the early 90ís

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