Author Topic: Honda Fl400 No Spark  (Read 1671 times)

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Honda Fl400 No Spark
« on: August 20, 2016, 01:24:26 PM »
I am exhausted with my 89 pilot. It shut off in june like i flipped a switch. The stator is good, the coil is good, the cdi is good, the pulsar is brand new and good. Still no spark. All wiring checks out ok. I have 12-14 volts input to the CDI. I am at a loss. Any ideas? Anyone know what the input voltage should be to the coil, from the CDI?

Please include my email to any replies. Thank you.


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Re: Honda Fl400 No Spark
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2016, 04:46:40 PM »
Are you getting any voltage from the CDI to the coil?