Author Topic: Fl250 What's UP?  (Read 2313 times)


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Fl250 What's UP?
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:55:46 PM »
Bighead, I'm going through the rebuild from Hell:(. but I'm very persistant. First problem: It's running rich (plug wet/ oiley). I can hold the spark plug while pulling the cord and do not need to let go of the plug? I tried my mower but the shock was huge. With that said I've had it running both slow and fast but oil splooge evident. I'm running amsoil interceptor 45: 1. (Bighead - I've rebuilt and adjusted - Carb,  new coil, spark plugs, pressure tested motor, replaced stator wires, checked ignition and pulse coils specs (close to manual), emailed Oddatv who sells coils on ebay, said they checked out, jumped wires from stator (ignition, pulse and ground wires directly to CDI (to bypass killswitch), but still weak spark maybe (Still runs).  Multimetered all ground wires for continuity, all good. Second problem: Carb overflow has gas dripping out of hose. I cleaned Fuel needle, adjusted float bowl to 22mm, tried another Fuel Tee, but at idle fuel slowly spits out. Tried an open Tee and of course no fuel leaked.  Was hoping the Tee pressure might be flooding the carb. Checked the spark plug but still wet with the open Tee:(. I will order a new check Tee valve, hope this solves the leak. Could this be wiring, stator ignition coil, cdi or holding plug while pulling and weak spark is normal??? Please help, Thanks Marty.