Author Topic: Need help, Mikuni VS. stock keihin  (Read 1984 times)


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Need help, Mikuni VS. stock keihin
« on: March 24, 2014, 09:19:35 PM »
I have a fl400 I am trying to get going. came with burnt piston. prev. owner put a aftermarket pipe, new reed cage and reeds and a 38mm mikuni flat slide carb. I am trying to go to the sand in 2 weeks so timing is important.

I have the original carb as well. it is missing the choke

I have got it running with the Mikuni. just two brief fires. but can not get the stock air boot to go on the carb. I have tried heating and pressing and just do not see how I could trust it not to come off if I am able to get it on as well as having to jet it. so on and off many times.

is there a aftermarket boot?

where might I buy a stock manual pull off choke? I have the original cable but neither end.

ideally would like to make Mikuni work but with a choke I think I can go with the stock and ride it in two weeks. then work the boot.

previous owner burnt the piston on his first trip.

any help would be appreciated.