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Got a new Odyssey
« on: March 07, 2014, 03:57:24 PM »
Hi Guys,

I am new to the forum and excited to be a part of the ody/pilot world.

Here are some specs. Everything was done by the original owner and I just bought it from him last year.

1985 Odyssey FL350R
1997 Arctic Cat ZL440 motor
Progressive front shocks
Stock rear shocks - still actually work good for being the original shocks
frame was cut in half then a 6" extension was welded - very nice for me as i am a taller rider at 6'2
corbeau seat
guards were welded to sides for extra protection
new tie rods were installed, purchased from aftershock motorsports

I bought this machine for $2900 (pictures attached). Was this a fair price considering everything that was done?

My first time out, I broke the left rear axle, luckily not damaging my shocks. After inspecting it, it had been previously broken and repaired and was pretty much a goner. The yokes were badly warped and wasn't worth me messing with at this time. I bought another axle in really good shape on eBay, but the outboard ujoint had too much play. After inspecting my other good axle on the right, the outboard joint also had too much play. I bought 2 brand new ujoints on eBay (without the zerk fitting), and they fit very tight and now there is no play.

After putting these back together, I took the Ody for it's first real trip out to Durhamtown (a big local atv/dirtbike/huntsman park here in Georgia). It did really well, but I soon found out it really doesn't have the ground clearance to do what I want in the trails. I did bend the new tie rod a little bit, but nothing serious. That being said, I had a few questions. After reviewing tons and tons of threads on here, I want your opinions on what to do to make this have a better ground clearance.  I know a lot of you guys probably ride these in the sand, but I would love to find an application for it here in Georgia in the trails. I saw some are putting on the long travel kit from aftershock, but I just simply can't invest $2000 in this. Also, I have seen parts swapped from certain quads like the TRX 450. I would be interested in more information regarding what would make it travel better and increase ground clearance. I see a lot of people increase the track quite substantially. I would be interested in doing this, but not getting too crazy since I want to use this for the trails. Also, can I trust these axles if the yokes are in good shape and have brand new ujoints? I'm just always worried in the back of my mind what happens if I break another one, and where do I go from there? I know you can't really find new axles anymore (except one I saw on eBay for $800!). Any suggestions regarding the axles, suspension, and ride height would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!


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Re: Got a new Odyssey
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2014, 09:12:15 AM »
Welcome!!!! I love durhamtown!!!! Best place I have found for riding these machines..... We go a few times a year and have a ride coming up weekend of April 10th. So, to your questions.
First, what type of riding are you doing that requires more ground clearance? Are you rock crawling, mudding, etc.? If so, you have the completely wrong machine for the type riding you are doing. If you are bottoming out on jumps, then it is not a ground clearance issue, but a shock issue... When you increase the ground clearance, you raise the center of gravity, and that effects handling to the point that it removes a large part of the fun factor for these machines.... If you like mudding, I would suggest selling it for a quad or sxs.... If you like blasting through the trails at 50+mph, then work on that suspension!!!!