Author Topic: Yup, I'm new here, just got a fl350R  (Read 2123 times)


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Yup, I'm new here, just got a fl350R
« on: October 15, 2013, 03:34:38 PM »
Another newbie here.   I got my 350 this weekend.  Took it for its maiden voyage yesterday, and what a load of fun.
Of course I have a few quick questions
Shocks,  I will probably get a set of Works shocks,  but for now my right front shock sits an inch lower then the left shock.  Would this be a bad spring?  or is there another adjustment I can check?

Oil leak...  seems I have an oil leak from the left side of the transmission.   I have to dig in further to see, but it looks like the seal behind the clutch.  Is there a place to get these seals?  can can I replace this with out removing the transmission?  Service manual makes it look like they are installed from the outside.

E brake...  I am missing the actuator from the caliper...  ( and the cable)   on the caliper there is just a hole where there should be a bolt or something with the lever attached?  Is this reparable? or do I need a whole new caliper?

So far it seems to run well ( I get up to about 45 mph)  I have to do a compression test, and I bought new plugs so I can check lean / rich.  I was running 20:1 oil... but reading here I will change that up to 32:1 for the next fill. I hope to figure out how to get the mph up a bit more.   Ill check belts and do the Felt pen test on clutches to see if they are moving properly.

Spent the afternoon on the forums,  lots of awesome info in here.



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Re: Yup, I'm new here, just got a fl350R
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2013, 02:17:35 PM »
So 13 in the top picture:

I have a block off plate that will cover the hole in the caliper. I don't use my parking brake because the cable always bunched up when releasing it.

It should be able to do 60 or close to it.


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Re: Yup, I'm new here, just got a fl350R
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2013, 01:50:32 PM »
The oil seals in the gearbox are standard-type oil seals for rotary shafts and can be found for a steal on evilBay if you search for the size (i.e. 30x45x7).  That #14 is a unique size, though.  May have to go + or - 1mm in thickness to find one.  Do some research or just get them all at Aftershock.  Likely to be discontinued at the dealership, but maybe worth a try.  Some dealers have new old stock (NOS) and also have knowledge of part cross-ref in Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc parts.

Factory seal info?
#13   Oil Seal 30x45x7     91261-ME4-003   $6.33 (factory price)
#14   Oil Seal 35x57x9   91223-VM0-004   $7.95 (factory price)
#15   Oil Seal 30x52x9   91224-VM0-003   $6.40 (factory price)

And yes the oil seals get replaced from the outside.  Once you have a replacement seal there on your bench, THEN remove the old one.  Take a small screw and screw it a couple threads into the old seal.  Then pull the screw/seal combo out with some pliers held onto the screw.  Don't try to use the shaft or housing as leverage because you can scar the sealing surface and/or crack a case if you try too hard.  They usually come out with just a little effort though.

The shocks have a few notches on one end for pre-load adjustment.  Check to see both shocks are in the same notch.  If you're going to spend the big $'s on Works shocks, might as well put some limiting straps on the trailing arms (to frame), too, so you don't snap a pricey shock if/when you snap an axle (or vice versa).

In addition to a compression check, make sure you do a leakdown check for air leaks.  #1 killer of any 2-stroke is lean failure.
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