Author Topic: FL350R Trans Issue or Not?  (Read 1644 times)


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FL350R Trans Issue or Not?
« on: September 26, 2013, 07:57:53 AM »
Newbie Here....
I recently bought an FL350. Took a gamble that it just needed a top end rebuild because the cyl head was off and it was evident that the piston head had witnessed some heat and cyl wall was likely going to need to be re-bored and/or honed.

Lost the gamble! Got the cyl jug off over the weekend and the bottom end has seen some metal (not major), but enough of a failure to make the c-rod have quite a bit of vertical play, so my hope of the bottom end being OK was wrong - which sucks!

Anyhow - to my subject line question....

Upon cleaning up the Ody, I had the rear end jacked up and was spinning the wheels around and there seemed to be a rough spot that appears to make a grind sound when it hits that spot every time. Would this be a bearing? I don't know much about the CVT system and how to troubleshoot, but any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. I am really hoping it is not anything major, but have no clue. Knowing my luck it is!

Thanks! I am still loving having this Ody!  ;D I had one long ago, but it had been beat up pretty good and never ran quite right - didn't have it too long. This new one still has all the plastic and seems to be very original and in overall good condition - which is a plus.


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Re: FL350R Trans Issue or Not?
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2013, 06:29:34 PM »
If it is bad with one revolution of the tires, I would look carefully at the U-joints. If over 1 turn of the wheel per noise, then likely in the trans. The needle bearings in the AB gear are the first to wear out. While you can't hear the noise it will make when driving, one I rebuilt where those bearings were bad did have a rough spot as turned by hand.