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Reed spacer
« on: September 18, 2013, 05:36:33 AM »
I have been against the installation of a reed spacer in an FL350R for over a decade. This was because I had tried it and it caused a loss of top end power. It dawned on me today that the conditions today are different than they were at that time. One difference is I now eyebrow and window my piston. The original reasoning behind the spacer was the reed tips partially block the rear transfer. So the theory was the spacer would add flow. Since there was no power gain, actually a loss, I dropped the idea and never looked back. Flow is end to end though, not just at one point. If the reed spacer added the capability of flow, but the bottle neck was the ports, there would be no gain. The eyebrow and window increase flow downstream of the reeds. The window increases flow through the rear transfer partially blocked by the reed tips. I need to revisit the use of a reed spacer with a modded piston.