Author Topic: Best Belt for 94C primary W/Comet secondary?  (Read 3456 times)

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Best Belt for 94C primary W/Comet secondary?
« on: July 18, 2013, 08:45:22 AM »
Hello...been away for a while from the forum. I gotta say I am in an area that is prime for FL models...and get a chance to test them quite often. I have noticed that the 94C primary with the comet model secondary has a tendency to be a bit belt touchy with the stock Honda belt. (which actually has a comet logo on it these days...go figure lol) What I mean by touchy is the new belt really will wake up the shifting and make the 350 pull well...until just after break in. Then the machine has the habit of over-shifting...not a boggish engine stumbling type of shift...but just enough to have it fall out of the power and really lug up a big long hill pull. There are tons of belts guys are using...who has had this issue...and is there a belt that may work better?

I have one buggy that I have a pile of new pucks to dial the 94 in better...and I have one that has a DJ pipe...and a ton more power...and they share the same clutches...and the same over-shift issue with worn in belts. I figured the stock pipe 350 I have was just struggling to make the power to pull through the shift range...but with one that is screaming...shifting too quickly...Im leaning on the belt and clutch adjustment. Any input guys?


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Re: Best Belt for 94C primary W/Comet secondary?
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2013, 10:03:59 AM »
A worn belt means the pucks are farther out  in their slots, farther out from the center and therefor more affected by centrifugal force. Drag sled guys will swap in a belt often to maintain consistency.  The worn belts can then be saved. At some point, the clutch can be re-calibrated to the slightly worn belts and run through all them.

Since I doubt you want to go to that effort, I would suggest changing the calibration. It is basically set up at the bottom end of where the engine makes good torque. So as soon as the RPMs are shifted down a bit, it is boggy. If you put in a stiffer spring, that will shift the RPMs up and give you more wiggle room on the state of the belt.

The original belts were Mitsuboshi. If they were Salsbury, I could see Honda sourcing them from Comet since Comet bought Salsbury. It seems odd to just switch manufacturers though.