Author Topic: Parting out 1989 Honda Pilot  (Read 2006 times)


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Parting out 1989 Honda Pilot
« on: January 23, 2013, 09:34:32 AM »
Below is the list of items for sale with prices minus shipping. Some stuff has sold already, however if you are looking for something and don?t see it, please ask me. I don?t really post on here that often, will try to check back, but best way to contact me is through email. Thanks.

Right Front fender, ok shape, $100
Rear fenders, sagging, been repaired (can send pics) $50 each
Side panels, trimmed for LT, missing pilot stickers. $200 each
Engine with starter and ported reed cage, CR manifold, boysen reeds, casting flaws cleaned on ports, 82mm piston with .04 clearance, 150psi compression, great running Engine. $1600
Transmission with drive cups $1250
Driven Clutch $150
Suspension Seat with heat shield $125
Axles complete from CV to axle stub $300 each
Foot tub, trimmed for bump steer kit, missing front pilot sticker $200
Roof panel with stickers and reflector $100
Reflectors with bases (2 Amber, 1 Red available, 1 red one SOLD) $25 each
Rear caliper and entire brake assembley including newer pads $225
Front shocks $100 each
Rear shocks $200 each
Front a-arms $100 each
Rear upper suspension arms $100 each
Rear suspension links $50 each
Rear hubs and knuckles $225 each
ATVRacin front bumper and skid, bumper has been welded and repaired, skid has been drilled for access to front lower mounting bolts. $75
Rear bumper made by shoubadaba direct bolt on, one small dent $75
ATVRacin nerf bars, ends have been cut and welded back on at an angle to be able to fit inside a truck bed (I learned that one the hard way!!!!!) $150 for both
Stock air box $25
Intake elbow $25
Air box lid with 3?? elbow mod and 3?? spectre k&n style pre-filter $50
Radiator with sensors and cap $250
Radiator rear grate with fan $150
Radiator rock guard front protector $25
Wiring harness, plugs changed for headlights and whip light $150
Back up light $50
Stock primary clutch good shape $150
Coil $20
Center console wrap $25
Stock headlights with HID?s installed $150
Head net $25
Glove box with good sticker $75
Shifter $75
Shifter cables $50
Parking brake lever $50
Stock Engine skid plate $50
ATVRacin belly skid $100
Belt guard $50
Front brake drums $50 each
Front spindles with brakes minus drums $100 each
Rear brake rotor $75
Controller box for gauge lights $50
Fuel pump $50
Heavily used fenders $25 each
ATVRacin steering rods with ball joints $50
Roll Cage, modified for radiator relocate, comes with red radiator shroud trimmed to fit and clear the down tubes, cage is straight, $200
Down tubes, $25 each
Frame set up with stock suspension with title, front end has been repaired and done correctly (can send pics), small dent on right side but side panels covers it up, modified for a suspension seat so the seat brackets are removed, modified for radiator relocate, so the bar that the radiator sits on top of has been replaced with a standard straight bar with no mounting tabs for the radiator. Comes with tabs welded on to use aluminum side panels and hood, comes with aluminum side panels and hood, as well as a trimmed foot tub to clear the hood. Tabs can be easily removed if desired. $500


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Re: Parting out 1989 Honda Pilot
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2013, 11:11:29 AM »
Put some stuff on ebay. If anyone is interested in an item, let me know. I can end the auction and save myself the final value fee.


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Re: Parting out 1989 Honda Pilot
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2013, 06:03:42 PM »
Still have that seat available?

Found this thread while doing a google search for odyssey seat.