Author Topic: What clutch i will be use for a 583 rotax ?  (Read 5432 times)


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What clutch i will be use for a 583 rotax ?
« on: August 16, 2012, 04:15:01 PM »
Hello  i have  a Oddy 350  and   i made  a  583  swap  into  .  But  i have  some  trouble   i try  to tune  a 108c clutch  with it    and   i can't .  What  clutch you think  is  the  best  for  my setup ?   Rotax  clutch  ?  or  comet  clutch ?   need a 102c  ?  because  my 108c   don't run  ???  PLEASE i need  Help  !  , Tanks  A+


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Re: What clutch i will be use for a 583 rotax ?
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2012, 06:00:33 PM »
What is the driven clutch? What is the belt you are using? Is the center to center distance the same as it was with the original engine?

What is the calibration of the 108 currently?

What do you mean by don't run?

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Re: What clutch i will be use for a 583 rotax ?
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2012, 08:21:04 AM »
Civic have been trying to tune this setup...and asking questions on ALL of the FL forums. NO DATA = NO ANSWERS. If you cant provide some of us with pics and/or measurements...we cant really help. Your setup is CUSTOM because of the sled engine transplant.

With CVT (meaning belt driven machines) clutch angles ALL have to be perfect FIRST. You must have a clutch on the trans that can handle the sled engine and belt width. (stock 350 will not just bolt on and work...spring too weak...belt wont fit either) If you look around at build pics...most guys use the matching secondary clutch for the sled they take the engine from. IF YOU DONT SIMULATE THE EXACT DESIGN FROM THE may NEVER find a belt...OR clutch calibration that will shift your machine correctly. Resulting conditions are sounding like what I have scanned and read from your posts. (black smearing belt signatures on the clutch faces, low revs, crappy top end pull, etc) Sounds like you have the WRONG belt AND secondary setup to me.

Help us help you by taking some us what you got. Part numbers on the belt(s) you have tried are helpful too...

583 rave valve Ski Doo TRA primary clutches are setup to run a wider belt than the FL350...anything you bolt to that 583 that is made for that application will accept a wider belt.(108c 102c etc) Your FL350 stock/comet secondary clutch is made for a much more narrow belt. That IS a can spring that thing all day and it still wont be right. The overall diameter of the stock FL350 secondary is MUCH smaller than ANY sled secondary that has a 583 in it...these are just a few suggestions. The stock FL350 salisbury or even a comet 94c duster primary...are also MUCH smaller. (102c on an FL350 is like 1-2" larger than the OD of the others) THIS is why we keep saying you gotta 100% duplicate the sled's CVT design in order to make it work.
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