Author Topic: Need info about a repacement key switch ????  (Read 1354 times)


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Need info about a repacement key switch ????
« on: June 18, 2012, 05:04:56 PM »
Well like i said.

If anybody from aftershock Motorsport read this PLEASE i need some info.
I am looking for a replacement or OEM for a ignition key switch for my FL350.
 I have read in an older post here on this forum about that matter and someone from Aftershock Motorsport replyed to the guy that was asking for this,that he should e- mailed or call the store about it, to get a price or even if it was still available.

I did just that, the wowen that i talked to over the phone told me that she tought that the store still have at least one left in stock but she had no clue about the price.
So i told her then that i would e-mail my request so i could get to a quote on the shipping fee among with the price since i live in Canada.

I still haven't heard from you guy's at Aftershock Motorsport, i dont even know if you have received at all my e-mail.

So i would like to know what to do next, if you just haven't received my e-mail please let me know and i will send it back again.

Hopping to here from you guy's real soon.


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Re: Need info about a repacement key switch ????
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2012, 02:38:42 PM »
There is a difference between parts that we regularly sell and ones that are in development. This is in development which is why Ruby did not know specifics on it. Since she had talked to you on the phone, she didn't send an email saying the same thing which is that she has to get more info on it. Her intent was to reply when she had more info. We have one prototype that I made, but have not gotten around to testing it on an actual machine, only the connections using a multi meter. The OEM ignition has been discontinued for a while. If you feel you need to get an OEM ignition or that you need an aftermarket one shipped immediately, we can't provide either. If you can wait for me to test the part, I have bumped this item up to the top of the priority list of research items. The old post about the switch was a feeler. That person did not call or email. That indicated little demand for the part and it was put on the back burner.

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Re: Need info about a repacement key switch ????
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2012, 07:58:21 PM »
I have used a TRX (300ex,400ex,450r) key for a few guys ody's. If I remember correctly some slight mods were needed to make it plug right in. But almost all the keys for honda atv do the same thing...on=bat ckt closed + engine stop ckt open off=bat ckt open + engine stop ckt closed. The key pops right into the center console like it was made for pretty sweet but if you have a stock gas tank you may have issues getting a key for the gas cap.