Author Topic: Clean 1989 Honda Pilot FL400R, Very Fast & Reliable, Dirt & Sand Tires *So Cal*  (Read 8270 times)


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For Sale Clean 1989 Honda Pilot FL400R

Hello Fellow Off Roaders!

My soon to be 16 year old son is outgrowing his Honda Pilot so I am throwing it up for sale

'89 Honda Pilot that has been lightly modified. Runs super strong and is very reliable, very fast too. I have a pipe, skid plate/bumper, cooler rack (All ATV Racing), and additional PIAA lights on the cage. I just had it completely serviced on 3/19/12. I have sand tires on beadlocks for it as well as the dirt tires too.

I am in So Cal but will travel for the right deal. (805)_three zero four-7931    or    emgee00(at)gmail(dot)com    for more info.

I will deliver up to several hundred miles if you pay for my gas in advance. Contact me for details

More detailed pics here:
[color="Blue"]Pilot Pics[/color]


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Out grown it at 16?!?!?!?! Heck,I'm 44 and still havn't out grown mine!!!!!! Nice ride and good luck with the sale.....


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I saw this on Ebay...some jackwagon made a dumbass comment about your son driving it... Nice looking Pilot, wish you lived closer to the midwest, might look at some toy trading...
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