Author Topic: Socal Stadiumlite Championship 2-11-2012  (Read 3275 times)


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Socal Stadiumlite Championship 2-11-2012
« on: November 01, 2011, 11:40:52 PM »
Hi guys a few friends and I are putting on a race at Milestone Mx track in Riverside California on Saturday February 11 2012. We want to get as many Odyssey, Pilots, revolts and Stadium lites out to race on that day as possible. We will have 3 different classes to suit your vehicle/driving abitlity. The classes are Novis restricted to fl250 and fl350 cars with slow drivers, intermediate with any car, and expert anything goes. Only rules will be any DOT helmet, good condition seat belts and wrist restraints or nets. Clothing will be long sleave shirts and pants and must wear shoes. As far as car specs. 2 stroke max is 500cc and four stroke 800. General size of car is 72" wheelbase and 70 inch width roughly. I know the redline cars are slightly larger and will be able to run with us. We are limited to 50 entries. Cost as of right now will be 70 dollar entry fee into the race and 10 dollars at the gate for the track. This is going to be a great event hope we can find some good competition out there to compete with some of the old Mikey Thompson race cars and drivers that will be at this event. Any questions feel free to pm me or email me [email protected] Thanks Rusty