Author Topic: Time to Part with the Legendary PPE Odyssey 350  (Read 1245 times)


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Time to Part with the Legendary PPE Odyssey 350
« on: January 31, 2011, 08:03:09 PM »
Yes I have decided that there just isn't much if anything left to do to the PPE (Purple Pilot Eater) and at the suggestion of a friend I have decided to let it go to a new home... This will be hard, like parting with your first love... but I must do it! I can't ride 3 buggies at once and the Pilot has sooo much to do to it to get it like I want...
This Odyssey is a 20 year Odyssey! EVERYTHING on it has been replaced or repair as seen here on!
Long travel FINALLY works right! Works shocks front and rear! HOSERIZED engine with a liquid cooled Hillside head. Tranny was rebuilt and installed a few years back. I have spare parts that will go with her too... A liquid cooled jug and head! Hoser has this now! A spare tranny only needs re-assembled! spare driven clutch!
About the only thing needing attention is the tub! It has been cracked and repaired, but still is ugly... I was going to build one of sheet metal but never got around to it. Or just put a hood on it and no one but you would know!!
This thing was a goal of mine to build it to beat the snot out of a pilot... And it has... AND Will (except a 500cc) rides better than my stock pilot even after I got the fox shocks
I want to offer it up here to the group before I hit it on e bay or craigslist!
I've just too many projects and Old Faithful has to go... :0(