Author Topic: Northeast/ New England FL 350+400  (Read 1102 times)

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Northeast/ New England FL 350+400
« on: November 16, 2010, 03:52:55 PM »
Ok so Im noticing alot of you guys are from the land of the dunes (I'M HIGHLY JEALOUS OF YOU GUYS) but I'm from New England. Just want to put out some love to everyone and see if their are any guys up my way with the FL Bug like me. I'm not sure how many guys have a trail or race Pilot or Ody in my area. The local MX series (NEATV) is going towards adding a "Roll Cage" or "Buggy" series this coming season. The goal is to have this catch on and attract new sponsors etc. I would imagine the top class is gonna be the 450 trophy karts...but with the economy the way it is I cant see many people stepping up to buy a 15-20k buggy of any make. I have put it out there as an idea of adding an FL class of some type...but who wants to race them anymore? Are there any guys close enough to me to help me support this class that have FL's? Hit this post if you are local or close enough to NE to come have some fun this coming summer. Some of the destinations are Maine, Massachusetts, New York, more info as it becomes avail. Some of the MX tracks have smaller scaled down intermediate tracks that they plan to use for this purpose...but as usual the interest is dependant on numbers. I would love to see a complete class for Pilots and who's got em?  :)