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« on: February 11, 2009, 08:45:36 AM »
hi i have a 1979 fl250 and its all rebuilt from crank seals to brand new pistons 1.5 over crank bearings carb kit. the stator quit and there was no way to get a new one so i got a used one on ebay that got rebuilt. i put it all in and tryed timing it following somme instructions i had in my book. but there are missing pages. so?i have spark and retarded compresion but it wont start. there is a f mark and i aligned that mark with the matching mark and at that time gaped the points to .350 mm. but there is also two litle mark not far from the f mark ill try timing it right in the mitle of the two maybe it will work. If anybody noes the proper way please tell me



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Try this manual and see if it has the information you need.