Author Topic: ZR600 EFI 1990 Honda Pilot Transplant -Test and Tune  (Read 1153 times)


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ZR600 EFI 1990 Honda Pilot Transplant -Test and Tune
« on: July 29, 2007, 06:55:24 PM »
ZR600 EFI 1990 Honda Pilot Transplant -Test and Tune
Here's some clips from the day of testing and tuning we had on Saturday. (double click the video when playing to open in Windows Media Player Full screen)

Had some issues with cracked V-force reeds (they were in it when it was purchased) that made tuning in the morning futile.

Waited for the weather to cool off some, and went back out around 5pm, tuning went much better.  I didn't spend much time at it, as I wanted to just get it running decent and let Ted have some seat time. I had 5 fuel maps that I  pre-programmed and just went with the best of the 5 and didn't bother trying to better it any. After a year of running, the 1 into 2 throttle cable junction that I modified decided to act up (the pilot cable end kept pulling out of the block) and after 5 or 6 times of sticking it back together, I jimmied it and it held together to allow about 2 hours of hard running with about 3 (totaling 15 minutes) breaks to inspect things, switch drivers and give it a chance to cool off a bit. The battery maintained 11 volts, running the fan constantly, and only using the trickle charge setup from the electric start kit.

It topped out yesterday at 111km/hr with 24x11x10 489XT rear tires on, at 8120rpm. I have previously topped out at 121km/hr with the other pipes, there's more to gain from some fine tuning of the EFI map and some cooler, drier air. It's been SOOO hot and muggy here it was hard to get anything done this weekend.

Enjoy the clips ;) [/b]