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Something New and SCORE Legal
« on: July 06, 2006, 09:52:47 PM »
Gee, what can this be?

All chromoly
1.5x.120 wall main tubes
rest is all .095 wall.
Gonna have a Honda 1600 VTEC in it. - makes about 170 hp now, we can make lots more later.  Reliability is the absolute must, though, so 170 for now....
Getting just at 20" of travel on all four corners.
Will have dual vented inboard rear rotors with four piston calipers.
Roberto 8:1 box
930 CVs w/Super Cages - supposed to give 26 degrees of deflection (versus 23 stock) - we set the suspension up to get 25 degrees max
VW Wide 5 bolt pattern and hubs - gives me lots of options for wheels and tires.  Probably gonna run 16" rims and 31's or 33's.  - better ground clearance, plus with a taller tire, more ground clearance and more travel, I'll be able to set the car deeper into the suspension's droop - makes it all work better through the rough stuff.

Got to drive a new gen Taz out in the desert a couple weekends ago and then got to hop back in mine - WOW!!!  Mine's rough...   The new cars are amazingly better.  Smoother, better suspension, handled better, more room - just better. - I guess 5 years of ATV making them better shouldn't surprise me so much.

The new RX1 powerplant's got a lot of potential.  I got it tuned in - sort of. - it runs reliably.  I thrashed it for a hundred miles or so and played with the tuning a bit.  I was more concerned about finding things that break, belt alignment and just making sure it all worked before I started worrying too much about tuning it in.

I'll need to get in a couple hours of seat time doing nothing but straight runs at different throttle and load settings and play with the computer at the end of each run to get it dialed.  It's gonna take a while...

It's a cool setup.
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Something New and SCORE Legal
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2006, 10:42:52 PM »
What can I say...SWEET!   Drool, drool.... :D