Author Topic: Any Exhaust Gas Tech - RacePak - Avenger Experts out there ?  (Read 1756 times)


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I've got a RackPak Avenger II monitering system for my 670 rotax Pilot and I just bought the Water Temp Sensor probe.

I don't have the RacePak manual and the one I download from Exhaust Gas Tech. does not cover the addition very well.

My question is does it matter which position I put the water probe sensor in on the back of the Avenger ?

My choices are EGT1 EGT2 EGT3 ?
I am also running two EGT probes so all the slots will be filled

My guess is it doesn't matter since I believe the 2 LED readouts are programmable but I just wanted to double check...



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Any Exhaust Gas Tech - RacePak - Avenger Experts out there ?
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2006, 03:06:12 PM »
Each window is it's own temp display.  The unit doesn't care where you plug in what.

One really cool thing is that you can set limits on each input/window. - I had the rev limit set at 8500, all three cylinders on the old Arctic Cat set at 1350 and then the water temp set at 200.

With three windows available on the unit I had, I had them show (from left to right) RPM, Temp of the HOTTEST cylinder EGT and water temp.

You can also set up "pages" - so one display would be RPM, EGT, H2O, the next page would show each cylinder, next page would show engine RPM, Driven clutch RPM and then MPH.

I think I had up to 10 available pages.

There's a way to only show X number of pages, so you don't have to scroll through 10 sets of them - seems like you set each window to null or zero or sumptin...
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