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n00bie here
« on: May 16, 2006, 02:13:36 PM »
Hi all, new to the board, but not new to the odys - kinda.

been playing with them for a while, but never really dug into them until now. i just picked up a 79 ody last weekend and have quite a few questions.

1. Motor top-end rebuild. i am fairly good with a wrench, but have never broke into 2-strokes. my question: Compression on my oddy is a little over 100psi (between 100 and 120 roughly). do i need to rebuild it? i notice a lot of people are mentioning about 150 as the norm or good.

1a. if so, how involved is it going to be to do such a task (rebuilding the top end)? do i need to just hone it out and new rings? im not looking to do anything drastic to the stock motor as i have a 550cc motor to drop in it over the winter.

2. Is there a faster way, other then ebay, to get parts? i.e. new brake cable, new throttle cable, keyster carb kit?

3. Does anyone have the stock front bumper from a 77-79 that is somewhat decent condition? i can find any evidence of mine ever being rolled, but the whole front end is pretty mashed up and out of shape and quite ugly for those reasons.

4. for anyone that has ever done a conversion to a snowmobile engine, did you run into any cooling issues as snowmobiles are designed to run in cold weather. any creative ways around it?

5. assuming the snomobile engine transplant goes smoothly, is it possible to remove the drive clutch from the stock 250 motor and attach it to the new motor? OR, any way to get a wider driven clutch and keep the stock snowmobile clutch (the belt is MUCH wider on the snowmobile - i think a 102?)

6. anyone other then pilothawk ever do anything different for suspension. i love the G2 setup but too involved and not enough resources for me to complete it on mine.

thanks in advance. any information is appreciated.

Pictures soon to come!

- Justin
Justin Naekel
Parker, CO

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