Author Topic: Any Suggestions on Trailer AC Power...  (Read 1526 times)


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Any Suggestions on Trailer AC Power...
« on: April 18, 2006, 11:05:02 AM »
Well as the story goes I finially got an enclosed trailer 7x16 so now I need to add power to it......

It is already wired with a couple small lights from the 12V plug Feed off the tow vechile...

I'm seriously considering adding a DC to AC inverter, I've been doing some research and there are a lot of choices...

I want to run a fridge full time and a few other items as needed like a microwave / Toaster / Air compressor / Radio / TV...

I'm guessing I'll need something around 1500-1750 watts and I'm wondering if I should get a inverter w/charger or if I can simply hook the
deep cycle battries on the trailer to the 12v feed from the truck to recharge them as I travel...

I will also be hooking up to 110 at campsites if available and thus I believe the inverter will just pass the 110 straigh thru under this senerio

Anyone have any experience or recommendations on what I should get - What I need - and how to hook it all up ?

I'm all ears....


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Any Suggestions on Trailer AC Power...
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2006, 11:31:47 AM »
I picked an inverter off Ebay a year or two ago for my borther in law that works in the woods...wanted it for his service truck to run equipment off of that was smaller than needing to run the welder generator.

I think we got a 2500 Watt and it wired direct to the battery, not one of those small cigarette lighter ones  :P

Do some thinking about what you will want to use (get the power ratings) and how long you think you'll use the math and see how many batteries you'd need to run you, and how long it would take to recharge them of your truck only (worst case scenario).

You can add some solar cells on the roof to help recharge your batteries as well. Definitely cleaner and quiter than a generator...but you need to determine your power needs to see if it's feasible.