Author Topic: Clutch Solution?! 583 Rotax Project  (Read 1657 times)


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Clutch Solution?! 583 Rotax Project
« on: March 21, 2006, 12:07:10 PM »
Ok, so I got the bright idea to do a little research on Driven Clutches used in diffrent sleds. The clutch that came with my SkiDoo donor sled has the standard 1in smooth bore. Too large to use on the FL350 Trans without some major mods (like lude is working up).

Well, since I'm not nearly as adept, I've been kicking around the idea of just running the stock driven. Keep in mind, I'm putting 90 hp to it, so I'm not thrilled with the idea.

Well, I came up with a possible sollution. A vintage Polaris Clutch. Uses a 7/8 smooth bore with the keyway! Its 11in in diameter, so it will allow me to use just about all of the ratio the skidoo drive clutch offers. Its should also give me crazy lowend torque, and better top end.

Heres the link I found to one on ebay. Does anyone see a potential problem with this?? I know I will need to put a small spacer in to run the larger belt. But it should still give me much more range then the stock driven.


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Clutch Solution?! 583 Rotax Project
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2006, 03:33:58 PM »
Sweet! Only 3 hr left too! If you can get it for 50 bucks..well worth a shot IMO