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The rucus explained
« on: June 28, 2005, 07:37:23 PM »
Hopefully I can remeber all the things hoser has touched on...

Over a month ago (without going to look up the date on the email...ok time frame just before the IP spoofing on Mike's site) I emailed hoser and asked if he was interested in a combined board. I have integrated a lot of helpful features and have more to add, I thought things had died down with the "fued". Guess I was wrong, then came the IP spoofing deal. Why what happened here makes me any more guilty than anyone else for the hoser posts, I have no idea, I see no connection. I said I didn't do the posting and I stand by that.

Hoser showed up yesterday....not sure what he means by he was invited. If it was the offer to have a combined board, his visit was more than a month that don't fit either.

"Move the admin shared posts" Here is where moskito wants to move the
post so "hosehead" cant see them, being open and honest guys like moskito
what's the dark side got to hide?
Do you share all your PM's and email to the world? THat's what this was a private forum where we discussed things, and yes you can feel honoured if you so feel  inclined, some of it was about you...nothing good though, so I don;t know why you'd feel honoured about that...but to each his own.

"hoser and litespeed " seems someone was worried ("woory") Lightspeed or
I was going to show up why are they afraid of us?

I made that comment, as I restored your  accounts, I did not want them to be under the impression you or litespeed were visiting when it was not so. Really, you can spin things how you want, but everyone knows why I'd make them aware.

"On Hoser's Site - 45th Parallel PowerBloc Clutches " I am honored to know
that people troll my site looking for my approval on things like
clutches too bad Pilotsniper was smart enough to dream up his slander
against me but not SMART enough to realize I was at Killpecker dunes RIDING
my Pilot the day he was running his mouth and stabbing me in the back
LMAO Perhaps he should try running his Pilot and not his mouth!

Here's the post...again...hoser just put a spin on the title:


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Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 11:10 pm Post subject: Powerbloc clutch


Has anyone purchase a powerbloc clutch from 45th Parallel Store? And was it the same as you buy from AtV racing? Thanks Ohiodude

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Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 6:42 am Post subject:


I bought one on his last batch. It works fine.

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:19 am Post subject: Thanks


Thanks stoneman for your reply.I ordered two powerblock cllutches from him.From what I reading on this site,I the best belt to go with is 4x4 tuff. Is that corcect?

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Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:54 pm Post subject: Belt for Powerbloc


I don't know about the BEST, but I've been running a DaycoMax 1042, and have had NO problems. I have a Powerbloc clutch as well, and my buggy has all the fully modified goodies. So I'm putting a good helping of hp and torque to this belt. It seems to be working fine for me. Again, just my experiences.

Sniper was just letting me know the clutches were mentioned and favorable things were said.....but again hoser paints the picture that he should feel honoured thgat people were looking for his apporval...where, in that post was hoser's approval me!

"I'm SHOCKED!!! - Also, I don't like the beginning... " Here he is running
his mouth again, what I ever do to Pilotsniper other than point out he
sold useless USED CV boots to some unsuspecting Pilot owner on ebay for
more than you could buy CV boots for from Hillside Honda,
its my fault his is a dishonest person with no morals or integrity that
will do anything to make a buck, all this time has elapsed and the best
he has on hoser is "Spelling homo's should like that "Spell Check"
button alot, I dont use it :- P " thats "Funny"

Here's the post:

Here's one of ********'s posts and ALREADY he's taking pot-shots at Moskito. LET ME SAY THAT I DON'T LIKE IT!!! I did NOT edit the post because I wanted to run it by all of you first. I don't want to "jump the gun" and do the wrong thing. If you guys are okay with this, then I'll eat **** and accept it. I'm merely suggesting that if this ******** is going to come here, then he needs to play nice...

The manual I can do without its the different springs, spring rate chart
different angle ramps that are important to me, those parts should
not be a problem as they fit different applications they do know about,
ask them again about the springs, spring rate chart and ramps...

Spelling homo's should like that "Spell Check" button alot, I dont use it :- P

[edited for foul-mouth language purposes, post is now Rated-PG Mr. Green ]

hoser choose to use the spelling "alot", anyone how knows the past realizes the dig in this towards Moskito... here's Moskito's un-hoser-edited reply:
Let's sit back and let him do as he pleases for a week or so. See what sort of mood he tends to be in...

I'm going out of town tomorrow and will be back July 5th. - won't be online during this time.

Keep a close eye on him - and if you catch any more smug remarks like the one Sniper bold faced above, post them here in the admin section.

Just keep one post going - edit to add each "incident". So far we have two - the one above and the one Lude said about tech advisor.

Here, I'll even make a starter post with the shit in it.

If he manages to get 5 posts with stabs by the time I get back, I'll go and nicely pm him with the comments and ask why he feels the need to continue to do it.

I really don't have an issue with Hoser - he's a dick, but that's not my problem. BUT, in the same breath, I will confront him about his issues with me and see if I can't get him to either lay off with the snide remarks or go the fuck away the again what do I know I am a punk.

If none of that works, then we'll do the Troll Mod thing - that's a killer idea!

hoser edited and added in the "the again what do I know I am a punk. "

and the point of that was??? And read Moskito's response, pretty fair, more than fair after hoser takes 2 digs at him. The first was in a PM to me that I shared with Moskito and Sniper in concern for hoser's continued vendetta against Skeeter.

Please remove me from the tech advisor status I dont want to be lowered to the same level given to moskito..

No that's funny, talk about full of himself. He really think I'd set him to tech advisor status just like that? Please!

Some how this will all be "hosers fault" all I ever wanted and have done was
try to provide help to other Pilot and Odyssey owners with a place where
they could get technical assistance for their Pilots and Odysseys, I have
been open and honest in the process I have nothing to hide behind closed
doors, I dont need to pull no shady deals to be successful, I built a
message board (this place) only to have it taken over by the dark
side mutts what you see here is more proof of what your getting with them,
Kiowa and I had a 'mans' hand shake agreement built on friendship, trust
and a mans good word, here I am a man of my word and kept my word and my
end of the deal he did not, its plain to see these mutts still have a
vendetta against me.

Odypilot now might be a good time to give these guys your speech on name
calling like you gave me.

This has already been deleted from Mikes board he and moskito are buddys
so I didnt expect it to last long, I dont think it will take the good
old boy network long to delete it here they dont want the average person
to know the real deal about the dark side and what they are really up to
it didnt take Kiowa long to delete the bucked thing "Funny"
what does a group of fine outstanding Pilot Odyssey community members
that are honest and open have to hide?

This was all my fault, I screwed up when I setup your account..I gave you your old userid...happened to be the same as the admin usergroup id in the new system. My mistake, so this is all my fault. But I do not believe for a minute that you have not shared comments about us (one or some of us) either in PM's or difference. We all know you try to help, and....geez this is old...but if you weren't such an'd be such an asset.

Dark side? Shady deals? We run a forum, we have an admin group, you're really suprised that a governing body has discussions that are not privy to the rest of the community? Just more spin on your part to try and make something that is perfectly acceptable look bad.

You cause trouble on Mike's board...he edited your posts and tells you to take it elsewhere...the very same day you come here and start crap, yes it was you. You started with the spelling homos comments, the "alot". The request to be removed from tech status because you did not want to be lowered to Moskito's level.....that's what started it. If I hadn't messed up the admin settings you'd be on alert status, you'd be posting here and we'd be watching how/what you posted...if the trend you started with continued, Moskito was going to ask you why....and then if need be, ban you.

This will be posted here and only here, I'm not going to use the other boards to feed hoser's need to stir up shit.

This is what happened, with all the facts, and not spun around. I take repsonsibility for it happening, and I apologize to everyone that this happened because of a screw up on my part. Special apologies to Moskito and more so PilotSniper as I compromised an area I told them was admin accessible only. And sorry to hoser about the username color mix-up, once I realized what I missed, I posted above it in the first "rucus" post,as well as emailing hoser to explain and apologize.

None of this was meant to stir anything up, but to maintain the level of peace and quiet we have experienced here. I wanted to give hoser the opportunity to be part of this site, but was weary at the same time, rightfully so I think.

We'll see how this pans out. For now hoser can read, but cannot post. If we need to ban him we will.

There it is, nothing to hide, all explained....does it make us look bad? No, just makes me look stupid for my screwup.

Take care all.

Aussie Duner

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The rucus explained
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2005, 06:23:33 AM »
Nothing like a good "RUCUS" to keep the day interesting Lude.I see POOA has removed the quite large post on this subject today.



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The rucus explained
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2005, 06:35:51 AM »
Not the type of interesting content I prefer to be the attraction magnet for the  site  :(  The other sites are free to feed the soap opera. Some may think it unfair, that I have posted what I did and am not allowing hoser access to post. Tough, it's my site, hoser is free to email a reply, and I would consider posting it. But I will not open it up just so that a flame war can start, which ends in the thread being locked. We've all seen it happen at Mike's, and various threads from have been deleted in the past too. This way the truth is there for all to see, without it turning into a flame war.

I at least posted this on my own site, then again hoser has so many people blocked (me included) from his site, few of the people his rants are aimed at would be able to read his rants unless he posts them on Mike's and

I'm adding (editing) this in here. No need to bring this to the top of the threads, I just want it here in case it gets deleted off the other sites.

as posted on yesterday evening

Here we go again. This blow up was caused by my screw up. I do not believe for one minute similiar conversations about people go on in emails, private chats, etc. So hoser I do not apologize for laughing at PilotSniper's jokes about you, I know you're tough enough to handle that. I apologize for scewing up so that you were able to access it, that was not my intent, it seems as if you were implying that I knew you had access. I did not. With the way I have phpBB setup I can allow various levels of permissions to individuals as well as groups. Moskito had asked to let PH see a particular thread in the admin only section, so I set it up so that he could. The thread posted about Moskito asking if this needed to be deleted was because he did not understand (I think this is the case) how it was setup and who all could see that thread. Please don't try to paint the picture that we are evil people because we had threads going in a private forum section. If we are, then you are too, I mean that's ridiculous, you've made statements in the past that reveal that you've both received and sent emails of this nature, engaged in private chat sessions....that line of accusations is just utterly ridiculous for you to beat on. I'm sorry to everyone that I screwed up (I know I've said it before, but some people are the type I guess that need things repeated 6 times before it sinks by allowing hoser access to those threads
2. I'm sorry to everyone that I screwed up by allowing hoser access to those threads
3. I'm sorry to everyone that I screwed up by allowing hoser access to those threads
4. I'm sorry to everyone that I screwed up by allowing hoser access to those threads
5. I'm sorry to everyone that I screwed up by allowing hoser access to those threads
6. I'm sorry to everyone that I screwed up by allowing hoser access to those threads

Sink in yet?

Next point. The CDI's. Moskito mentioned it to me a couple of months ago about knowing how to do the CDI mod...time frame...back when he posted if theres was anyone else interested in any more Pilot whenever that was. I said sure! I have 2 pilots here that still have stock CDI's..mine has one of Bill's and I have a spare, it was done by ATVR...Bill's are quite a bit nicer looking by the way Wink So I thought cool, if it's that easy as jumping one connection I can handle that and mod the remaining 2 CDI's. Skeeter said just cover the back up with clear resin and if you dropped one of your shipping labels in there it would real trick! I think he tought it would be a good product for me to sell in the store. I never really took it any farther than the thought of doing the remaining 2 here. Hell I can't even find time to finish of my 2nd disc brake conversion for Tman! Where am I going to find the time to do CDI mods. Skeeter and PilotSnioer were just brainstorming in that thread...harmless banter that was really going nowhere. In all the time I've had the store up I think I had maybe 2 inquiries for the CDI's, the one I know I sent directly to Bill so I didn't even cut myself into that deal, the other I think was before the store was online because I have no sales for CDI's in the store database. SO, painting the picture that we were planing to overthrow the the sales stream of Mod'ed CDI's is just not accurate either. I would have discussed it with Bill and asked if he minded I try doing and selling them....Bill and I have been straight forward with each other to the fullest of my knowledge anyhow. I forget who approached who about me selling them in the store, but we had an agreement and I had no plans to alter that. If I could mod my remaining ones myself I planned to do that...if I could find the time for that. So that should clear up the whole sales hype thing on the CDI's.

As for how Moskito got the information. He has already stated Neil knows about him knowing about the mod....he lately was freely given the specifics on how to do it. Now did he go and say...I plan to start making this...or Brian plans to start making them and selling them...probably not...but that's not what was going to happen either.

So the behind the doors threads slamming is absurd....many talk in private about others and will continue to do so. Poking fun has been going on since I signed on, now all of a sudden hoser can't take a joke about him becuse it was done without his knowledge...well we're having a chat session tonight at 10pm atlantic 6 pm pacific....I give you fair warning there's bound to be some comments within that chat session aimed at you.

There never was going to be CDI modification sales, only a few done for personal use "that's not distribution officier, that's consumption" (not word for word...but what movie's that from)

The "for stealing proprietary information" is wrong on 2's not proprietary information, and it wasn't stolen.

"my issue is and has always been RIGHT and WRONG GOOD and BAD weeding out the evildoers exposing the dishonest deeds to the public so they dont have to learn the hard way"
so nothing was stolen, there were no plans for sales of said product, just ideas thrown out there by people other than the actual individual who would actually be making that statment doesn't fit here either.

You guys keep coming back saying we're making excuses, again not true. We're stating the facts as they really are/were, not as how they may have looked or were portrayed by hoser when he copied (nothing wrong with that though right?) private web pages from my site and posted them on public sites.

What's said in private should remain in private, I'm sorry it wasn't. If hoser needs an apology for jokes made about him, I can do that too. Hoser I'm sorry for laughing at the Micheal Jackson joke about you. Bill I'm sorry the illusion was painted that I was going to back stab you with undercutting your sales of the CDI's, again not so, I'm sorry that's what it may have looked like, but I assure you I don't have the time to do them. You and I both know I haven't see the sales of them to make it at all enticing for me to do so.

Why hoser felt compelled to do what he did I do not know, I can speculate, but I won't, it would look as if I'm trying to put a spin on this thread...again not true. I have explained the true state of accusations hoser has made, and I have apologized for what I feel I am responsible for. Nothing more really needs to be said. As Moskito stated, you're making mountains out of nothing. Why don't we all use that energy and go wrench, ride, or talk about that! As PilotSniper said to me, "are your kids and wife healthy, you got a roof over your heads, you got food to eat? That's what matters, the rest is trivial" This is ridiculous the amount of time we're spending thinking, copying, pasting, checking for new post, checking old ones again, typing up new ones. I'm done...unless as DH said I'm personally attacked, even then....this is nuts..

I sincerely hope you find something better to do with your time than spend more time than it takes to read this reply on this subject. Let's close the book on this one shall we?