Author Topic: The rucus from last night  (Read 1087 times)


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The rucus from last night
« on: June 28, 2005, 06:44:46 AM »
For those that missed it, only got bits of it....don;t know what to believe...I'll post a full explanation tonight hopefully.

The short of it is:

I found posts were missing, due to me deleting hoser's account long ago. I restored it to regain those posts back so those threads would flow better when reading. The new version I have setup, designates the admin group as user id=4 I gave hoser his old user id back...which was 4...this allowed him to access the admin only area to read posts in there as well as edit Moskito's post.

I also screwed up in poking fun at hoser in his claiming that his user ID was the same color as Moskito and PH' which he wanted no part to be lowered to Moskito's level as he put it. We were looking at different screens...I was looking via the portal, and I think he was looking via the forum.....username colors are screwed up within the forum view....not sure what's up there yet. I only just discovered this, this morning.

I have screen shots and will post them so you can see what I his end I apologize to hoser, again, my mistake, that's why I changed him to was very different from the 2 shades of blue used for tech advisors and the normal user color.

I'm goiing to unban hoser's IP...many of you expressed concern over allowing him access. "He stirred the post at Mike' he's here.." those types of comments....Well he has read only access, he cannot post. I'm going to try it like this for a bit and we'll see how it goes. Right now his account is inactive and he needs to reset his he may not even come back...

That's it for now.


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The rucus from last night
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2005, 06:58:39 AM »
I see hoser's posts are already deleted from Mike's site...and now he has them posted on KiowA's

This is the side of the dark side they didnt want the general public to
see , I was invited to ludes board here was the welcome wagon, ludes
admin skills gave me admin access by time they figured out they screwed
up and ban me it was too late I already had downloaded the post they
didnt want me to see.

"Move the admin shared posts" Here is where moskito wants to move the
post so "hosehead" cant see them, being open and honest guys like moskito
what's the dark side got to hide?

"hoser and litespeed " seems someone was worried ("woory") Lightspeed or
I was going to show up why are they afraid of us?

"On Hoser's Site - 45th Parallel PowerBloc Clutches " I am honored to know
that people troll my site looking for my approval on things like
clutches too bad Pilotsniper was smart enough to dream up his slander
against me but not SMART enough to realize I was at Killpecker dunes RIDING
my Pilot the day he was running his mouth and stabbing me in the back
LMAO Perhaps he should try running his Pilot and not his mouth!

"I'm SHOCKED!!! - Also, I don't like the beginning... " Here he is running
his mouth again, what I ever do to Pilotsniper other than point out he
sold useless USED CV boots to some unsuspecting Pilot owner on ebay for
more than you could buy CV boots for from Hillside Honda,
its my fault his is a dishonest person with no morals or integrity that
will do anything to make a buck, all this time has elapsed and the best
he has on hoser is "Spelling homo's should like that "Spell Check"
button alot, I dont use it :- P " thats "Funny"

Some how this will all be "hosers fault" all I ever wanted and have done was
try to provide help to other Pilot and Odyssey owners with a place where
they could get technical assistance for their Pilots and Odysseys, I have
been open and honest in the process I have nothing to hide behind closed
doors, I dont need to pull no shady deals to be successful, I built a
message board (this place) only to have it taken over by the dark
side mutts what you see here is more proof of what your getting with them,
Kiowa and I had a 'mans' hand shake agreement built on friendship, trust
and a mans good word, here I am a man of my word and kept my word and my
end of the deal he did not, its plain to see these mutts still have a
vendetta against me.

Odypilot now might be a good time to give these guys your speech on name
calling like you gave me.

This has already been deleted from Mikes board he and moskito are buddys
so I didnt expect it to last long, I dont think it will take the good
old boy network long to delete it here they dont want the average person
to know the real deal about the dark side and what they are really up to
it didnt take Kiowa long to delete the bucked thing "Funny"
what does a group of fine outstanding Pilot Odyssey community members
that are honest and open have to hide?

I will repost it here in case KiowA to deletes it....and later I will add the other bits that hoser seems to convientently left out.