Author Topic: steering ability of an ATVR long travel Pilot  (Read 1677 times)


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steering ability of an ATVR long travel Pilot
« on: April 17, 2011, 11:00:51 AM »
Even before getting my ATVR long travel Pilot, while racing them I noticed that they didn't corner as well as a standard travel Pilot. This was confirmed when I got mine. Couldn't get back to the gas in a corner without even more of the dreaded Pilot push. I had always assumed it was because of the increased width of the rear suspension. While talking with AtvNut about this, he mentioned that it may be due to the links that ATVR lengthens that attach to the frame near the driver's hip and run back to the rear hub. That got me asking around about that, and most advise suggested trying some standard length ones. So I did.

I like them. Finally, I have the ability to oversteer in a corner, rather than feathering the gas until it gets around the corner. It's a bit twitchier than it was with the longer links, so I'm going to try a bit more toe in next time out. I haven't tried any high speed tracks, yet, so no reports on stability at top speed. I'm not saying this will work for every LT, but if you'd like yours to turn better, it's pretty cheap to try. I got some 6 inch shorter links from Speedway Motors for $8 dollars a piece, and used the heims that were on my longer ones. The stock attachment  points were still on the frame, so it was easy.
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