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Deciphering Honda part numbers
« on: October 25, 2004, 05:39:00 PM »
Honda recycles it engineering, making a single part fit many vehicles.
Knowing your way around can help locate substitute parts.

Here's how to decipher Honda part numbers.

The first string of numbers is the part type and subtype, say head/intake valve. The middle section is the code for the machine the part was originally designed for. The last section is for mods made for subsequent uses.

If the last section is "000" the part is the original design. Anything else, there is some minor change. Could be a simple as a color or coating change, could be more.

Here is a website I use to investigate the origins of parts. While Honda commonly discontinues production of parts past 10 years old, there may be parts that fit and work yet have a change as simple as paint color available. No promise, so do your homework!!! Using a website with an online microfiche, you may be able to find parts still available but spec'd for another machine.

Robert :mrgreen: