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Here's the list FREE NO Charge!!!
« on: September 22, 2004, 12:46:46 PM »
This compilation is copyright of Chris Groff 2004. No sales of this list are permitted. Reproduction of this list is however permissable as long as no rights of the linked pages are violated, and this header remains intact.

If there are any bad links on this list please contact me with the dead or wrong links and I will correct the problem if possible.

Chris   Great searchable message board.   Tons of technical pages will take days to read, also link to great message board. Message board. message board. great off road racing page with tons of technical info and links   message board. great prices on new and used pilot and odyssey parts..Randy is a great guy.     discount parts.  awesome 2-stroke tuning page.   the name says it all. auction site for crashed atv's, boats, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.  Cheapest place I have found on the internet for new carbs and parts  Stoneman's world! 'nuff said.  great site for wheels and beadlock rings. bearing house. home of the $20.00 gates trailrunner belt for the pilot. must specify to ship from the warehouse and pay by credit card.'s%20Manuals.htm  Links to FREE electronic maintenance manuals for the pilots and odysseys. cool videos.!OpenDocument  Link to ONE way to do a pilot airbox mod. digitron EGT's and information how to read a spark plu the correct way!  Great dirt track in southeast indiana they welcom stadium lites! put a cr250 top-end on your odyssey  great buggy building page with lots of tech info too. fasteners in every shape and size more nuts and bolts buggy fabrication bearings and seals...most in stock! great pricing metal supplies bearings and lots of them!  go kart parts, and parts of about everything with a motor around the house  Fabrication material for sand cars and other homebuilts Tubing benders  porting a cylinr or getting port work done...things to know  rebuild your fl350 starter the right way.  rebuild kits for your starters.   home of the Tazcar. also a complete lineup of pilot parts and services. buggy plans buggy plans and turnkey buggies  drakart dealer, and aftermarket pilot and odyssey parts and service.  good info and some tech pages buggy plans turnkey buggies, and in shop services.  parts and accessories for your buggy  parts and schematics link to DEEP discount OEM honda parts you must sign up for the message board in order to see the post.

Hillside Honda, California. (707) 263-9000 Ask for Trevor at the parts counter. have part numbers ready from (get them at the website) some of the fastest wildest buggies out there  parts and services for pilots and odysseys;jsessionid=DPRNJVZHSO0LNLA0WTISM4VMDK0NCIV0 huge catalog of all kinds of parts and accessories some of the best prices on wheels and tires I have found to date!  HONDA and yamaha parts a great prices.. Talk to Susan at the parts counter. great tech articles on 2-strokes, and engine services. nice selection of pilot specific aftermarket parts at great prices.