Author Topic: Here's some instructions and features to start you off  (Read 2039 times)


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Here's some instructions and features to start you off
« on: December 08, 2003, 11:01:30 AM »
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Top left picture of Pilot is a link that will bring you back to the index.

Just below this it shows the last time you logged on, below that is the current time. (Default is -4 GMT, this can be set in your personal profile)

Below the Title, center page. There are several links. FAQ, search, memberlist, usergroups (none right now), profile (link to edit your profile), You have new messages (link to private mail page), and log out.

Top right: 3 links.
View posts since last visit = just that, brings up a page with all new posts, FROM all categories.
View your posts view all posts you started or replied too
View unanswered posts = view all posts that have not had any replies made to them yet.

Below the last forum is a link you can use to mark all forums as HAVING been read, catches you to date on reading when using the view new posts, if you never want to read posts in a certain forum.

Each forum shows one or more categories with a description of its contents. It shows how many topics are contained in this category, the total number of posts (all topics), and shows the last post made (author's name, and time of post). This also has a link (black arrow to page image) which will take you directly to the latest post. To the left of each category is an icon which shows the status of each category, icon legend is at the very bottom of the page.

Who is online section: Click "Who is Online" to see who's on and where they're browsing/posting. Shows newest member registered, and those members currently online.

Private mail allows you to communicate with another member privately, not seen as a post by others. In your preferences you may set up the option to notify on private message. This will email you at the email you provided when you receive a PM. You can also SELECT to have a window pop up on your screen to notify you.

Also in your profile you may SELECT to be notified by email when a reply to your post has been made.

Selecting to SHOW your email does not SHOW your address, but allows members to email you through the board. They do not get your email address until you reply, if you choose to.

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I think the rest in your profile is self-explanatory.