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Not getting fuel
« on: June 14, 2020, 04:18:12 PM »
I have a FL350 i picked up several years ago (probably 7-8) shortly after i bought it i had to move across the country and had no room for it so was forced to put it in a storage unit protected from weather (i did remove the fuel when i put it there) i than couldn't afford to get back to it unfortunately for about 6 years so it sat there until just last year when i was finally able to pick it up. I brought it out to put fuel in it but the fuel isn't leaving the tank any thoughts on what it could be? it does have a fuel pump on the machine so i think this could possibly be the issue maybe it needs a new one but i'm not mechanically inclined really. I have also looked at the fuel lines and they seem good and no fuel is leaking anywhere. I don't see any fuel in the fuel filter at all and don't know if this is important to help identify the problem but the push start on it never worked since i bought it, i have to pull the cord to get it to go. Any help would be appreciated thanks