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Odyssey FL350R / Re: Fl350 won't idle
« Last post by Wcc on Today at 06:12:40 PM »
Ok, I think it clicked...  When the choke is pulled it blocks the air and when it's not air must be allow to move through the opening.  So when I block it the air can't move and it simulates full choke and kills motor.  Any input or corrections let me know.
Odyssey FL350R / Fl350 won't idle
« Last post by Wcc on Today at 04:22:30 PM »
Newbie here..  lol. 

It was running great and then the spark plug fouled out and now it won't idle.  I noticed the choke cable threads separated from the nut top.  It took a while to get the threaded portion out of the carburetor.

But, if I leave it removed it idles after some adjustments it runs good but if I plug the hole it dies.  Any ideas what's going on here?
Odyssey FL350R / Shifting problem
« Last post by EDDIE2154 on August 15, 2019, 12:50:56 AM »
I own a honda odyssey 350 and when I shift I can shift into drive easily but it Is very hard to get it into reverse. Has anyone had this problem? Any advice on what to do? Or what to check?
Odyssey FL350R / Re: FL350 clutch questions
« Last post by Doc - TEAM WAX on July 29, 2019, 09:06:04 AM »
Thanks again for the info.
Technical / Re: Fl350 no spark
« Last post by LiveWire on July 27, 2019, 02:57:04 PM »
Odyssey FL350R / Re: 440 engine swap clutch setup help
« Last post by LiveWire on July 27, 2019, 02:56:23 PM »
You would have to remove shims in the 108 if any exist, not add them. You can run a 1 1/4 belt with the stock driven, but it also needs to be longer. Briggs cars back in the day had custom machined sheaves for the driven clutch. The outer one wrapped around the end cap widening it to accept a 1 3/8" belt. I do not know of any off the shelf clutch that will accept the 1 3/8" belt and fit the 7/8" shaft. The bigger problem is the larger diameter. If you find out the taper and offset of the engine, you might be able to get a 102C that fits.
Odyssey FL350R / Re: FL350 clutch questions
« Last post by LiveWire on July 27, 2019, 02:48:19 PM »
It should have a larger main jet than stock with that setup and the 45 slow jet. Fuel will puddle in the bottom end from the super rich stock slow jet making it seem rich all the way to full throttle. Then if you make a really long wide open throttle run, that fuel burns off, engine goes lean and burns up. Once dropping the slow jet, then do a plug chop at wide open throttle to check that. You may need to go up a size or two.
Technical / Re: Fl350 no spark
« Last post by 87fl350 on July 24, 2019, 06:41:44 PM »
Thank you for the reply.  I tried both.  No spark at plug pulling or using the starter.  Is there a way to ohm out the stator so if its bad I can order a new one before I tear it apart?  I understand how to use a meter just not sure what wires to olhm.  If I remember right there are 3 yellows and a green.  Then a red and a black?  Or something close to that.  I was unable to find a diagram.  I tested voltage off of all the wires with the starter... maybe I will try testing for voltage off the wires with the pull start.  I am just looking for a way to confirm I fried the stator before I tear it apart.  Thank you for your time.
Odyssey FL350R / Re: youtube channels. Odyssey videos.
« Last post by 603machines on July 23, 2019, 05:46:09 AM »
Cool Ill check it out man. Also just started an FL250 build of my own.
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