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Title: 84 FL 250 overheats after 5 min then shust off ? Help
Post by: dhunter on January 29, 2018, 10:10:32 AM
Morning all im D and live on a ranch in the foothills of morgan hill calif which is S of the San Fran bay area, anyways I just 2 weeks ago traded a 99 Yamaha XL1200 waverunner for a nice condition and running 84 Honda FL 250 Odyssey for my 10 yr old son to ride on our ranch. Issues No# 1 I am having is first it takes like 20+ pulls to start and after my son rides about 5 maybe 10 min tops the Oddy shuts down like its orverheated, we wait about 5 min then we can usually within 5 pulls get it going again, its pretty bone stock and other than having the pull started fixed it have original airbox or snorkel intake on it, we installed a Uni air filter, all new X2 fuel filters, the guy before me like 45 days before we traded had a Go-Kart/Buggy shop do like $1300 worth of work on it due to it had sat covered in a barn for years, I know I should replace CDI coil and my son wants a light installed on it also, but I know the shop mixed 20:1 premix in it but was not sounding or running good so I got some 91 octane and some Valvoline 2 stroke oil and mix 30:1 as in lots of posts like 90% people say 30:1, 40:1 seem to run better, either way on first tank and our now second tank our still main issue is first taking forever to pull start it and mind you I have turned off gas after put away and sometimes we have left if on days in between usage and either way it take forever to pull start, but bigger issue that frustrates me and my very patient son is very short run time, I heard one fix is to install 73-74 CR250 head on it but trying to keep cost down cause I see others using Banshee rads and rigging a cooler on it, not wanting to run open air element or punch another hole in air box, and eventually we might get Goki E starter kit but the Run time is biggest issue now as I have heard others seem to run  way longer? please help a over 50s father with a outdoors 10 yr old son, thx D
Title: Re: 84 FL 250 overheats after 5 min then shust off ? Help
Post by: Dsmithhonda on August 28, 2018, 06:56:55 PM
If it's over heating check the air box/snorkel the snorkel is at the top of the roll cage in the back that has to be hooked up for the engine to regulate the cool air if not it can melt the piston the the cylinder I am dealing with that issue right now with my fl250 someone didn't have the snorkel hooked up or a air breather and melted the piston to the cylinder wall luckily I got it free and just have to get a new piston but I can get to the point the motor will be junk and PARTS ANT CHEAP so fair warning make sure all air breather and snorkel are working correctly
Title: Re: 84 FL 250 overheats after 5 min then shust off ? Help
Post by: Oddcush on March 29, 2019, 06:22:02 AM
You might check the rubber  intake for the carburetor if itís cracked there it will have air leak and thatíll cause a problem I had that same issue