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Title: FL400 Axle removal
Post by: atvnut on March 09, 2010, 09:39:41 PM
FL400 Axle Removal

1.   Buy a manual and read the instructions thoroughly.
2.   If the manual instructions fail then take the inner CV joint a part in the car.
3.   Now I like to use a bearing knife ( to secure into the groove that is intended for the boot.  I then bolt a crows foot (  to the bearing knife. If in your case the bearing knife slips off to readily use two muffler clamps mounted 180 degrees a part. Drill a hole in the side of the muffler clamp  that a 3/8 bolt will go through and connect those to the crows foot puller.
4.   I then connect a minimum 5lb slide hammer to the assembly and give it a few tries. If it doesn?t come right out I will spray some Pblaster in and let it soak for an hour or so. I then will try again with a little more robustness if it still does not free I resort to bertha.
5.   Bertha is a piece of 1? pipe that I slide a 10 lb iron weight to and then secure that to the previous assembly. And give it a whirl again if this all fails then I go to what I call drastic measures. Bigger slide hammers can be rented as well.
6.   Remember patience and Pblaster soaking does help along with air hammer vibratory cycling.
7.   If everything fails I built a drill guide that fits in the CV cup and guides the bit down the center of the axle shaft.
8.   After drilling the center out with a 3/8 drill bit I use a long hardened rod to then directly drive on the opposite side axle. Again Pblaster along with air hammer vibratory cycling helps as well. After I get the first side out I machined a piece that fits inside the splines and I butt that up against the shaft left in the car and give a few good swats and it usually will pop right out.
9. Remember to use plenty of anti seize when reassembling.
Title: Re: FL400 Axle removal
Post by: odypilots on January 26, 2013, 03:00:54 AM
I needed to remove the inner CV cup from the trans on my Pilot, and of course, it was stuck. Time to make a puller. Off to Harbor Frieght to get their big bearing separator to grab onto the cup, and then some scrap metal drilled out to allow bolting to the bearing knife and the suspension link I used for the slide. Another piece of scrapwas used to cap the other end of the slide to allow my weight (an oldbrake disc) to bang on.

AtvNut and I had already had it out during the 600 build up, so it didn't take too much to remove. I have another Pilot that the cups
have never been out of, so if I want to put the puller to the test, I can.

Come to find out, their are two different cups, one that was on early 89s, which has a retainer clip that was 26 x 1.6, and one that came on some 89 and all 90s, that is 26 x 2, according to my dealer.

So here's a couple of pictures of what I made up to pull the cup.