Author Topic: Repeat or chronic (sorry) question for LiveWire.......  (Read 2077 times)


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Repeat or chronic (sorry) question for LiveWire.......
« on: September 06, 2008, 06:16:59 PM »
This is a great site!  I'm sorry LiveWire, but I have a question that is covered in a few posts now, but putting it all together is too much for my noodle.  My setup is going to be as follows.... stock motor, DG pipe, airbox removed, replaced with a K&N attached to the airtube directly.  My question..... recommendations on carb.  Rejet the stock or go with a new one?  I've seen a couple of different ones on Aftershock's website.  Bolt and go would definitely be one less headache for me.  If rejet, what sizes would you recommend?  With the DG pipe and carb changes, should I try new or different reeds?  Again, as little major mods as possible.  Next item, a clutch.  I would rather stay as close to stock as possible.  I dont tear it up too much, and the ody is a family ody, meaning use from a 13 to 40 year old and in between, and 115lbs to 200lbs, and anywhere in between.  Any info would be appreciated.

If this helps at all, with the carb settings as they are now, with the airbox mods, without the pipe installed, the ody runs GREAT!


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Re: Repeat or chronic (sorry) question for LiveWire.......
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2008, 08:24:26 PM »
If you still have the stock air box, keep it. Check out this thread: then this one for comments about jetting with that setup and stock carb:

I normally suggest a 35 PWK without porting and a 39 PWK with. I would probably stick with the stock carb for the moment though because more power means more heat. The DG pipe and air box mod are already going to make you run quite hot. You'll need to jet just shy of making it blubber so the extra fuel will keep it cooler.

I would suggest making the clutch change sooner rather than later. You'll get a performance boost, but without making more engine heat. The 102C will make you faster out of the hole and add some top end speed.

Use a UNI, not K&N. K&N flows too much dirt. The stock filter and therefore the UNI replacement are very large compared to the typical clamp on K&Ns so they will flow just as much if not more air.